Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Etude comparative entre le Récit de l’ Archange empourpré de Shihâboddîn Yahyâ Sohravardî et Le Petit Prince d’Antoine de Saint-Exupéry- A la base de leur contenu    M.Sc.    ,    2010-07-21
2    Comparative literature history persian-arabic in safavie and ottoman age    M.Sc.    Alipour, Esmaeil    2011-11-01
3    Critical analysis of stories Adapted from Attar\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\    M.Sc.    hassanzadeh, elmira    2011-11-01
4    Persian Literature history at the historical sources (Persian prose) in the first century of safavid period    M.Sc.    bidaki, hadi    2011-11-01
5    A Critical Study of the Articles on Comparative Literature in Iran in 80's (based on French School Theory)    Ph.D    Alavizadeh, Farzaneh    2012-02-05
6    Sociological Analysis and criticism of Naguib Mahfouz and Jalal al-e Ahmad’s stories    Ph.D    izanloo, omid    2012-02-20
7    Correction of translated Quran which is kept in Astan Qods Razavi library by number 1859 with introduction and description.    M.Sc.    musavi garmarudi, atefe    2012-07-15
8    Study of Persian and Egyptian point of view of six travel writer of the nineteenth century than Europe    M.Sc.    Mansoory, Seyed Amir    2012-07-15
9    The conceptual metaphor of Love in the sonnets of Sanaie, Attar , and Rumi    M.Sc.    ayad, maryam    2012-09-16
10    The cognitive survey of the content \\\\\\\\    M.Sc.    hoseini, neda    2013-04-24
11    A Lexical Analysis of Textual coherence of Sanaee’s Lyrics    M.Sc.    Hemmat, Adila    2013-05-26
12    Al- Abuthiyah poetry and it’s influenced by Persian Do-bayti    M.Sc.    abaspoordarbandi, fazel    2013-06-09
13    a critical study of articles a bout sanai in university journals up to 1390    M.Sc.    tahkor, somayeh    2013-06-23
14    Identifying discourses in Hadiqat al-Haqiqa by Sanai and determining their relation    M.Sc.    effati chitgar, saideh    2013-12-15
15    Sokhan magazine`s Theorical basics about contemperary poetry    M.Sc.    mehraban moghadam, najmeh    2014-02-20
16    evolution investigation of sana’i odes in structure and content    M.Sc.    gharib, mostafa    2014-05-18
17    The identification of discourses in Sana’i ghazals and checking their relations together    M.Sc.    ahsanmoghadam, kowsar    2014-06-24
18    The Layer stylistics of Sana’i’s Letters    M.Sc.    davoudi, reyhaneh    2014-06-24
19    studying the genres of saedi's metanatural fictions according to the tezvetan todorov's theory    M.Sc.    abdi, seyedmohammad    2014-06-24
20    An examination of some of Khayyam's Quatrains on the basis of discourse theory of Laclou and Mouffe    M.Sc.    shariati, zeynab    2014-09-08
21    Collection and Poetic Analysis of Dari,Afghanistan lalloes (lullabies)    M.Sc.    Rezaei, Ali    2014-10-08
22    Analyze of power system’s role in Espacementalisme Manifesto’s historical life.    Ph.D    rayat, alireza    2014-12-11
23    The Effectiveness the Existential Story Therapy Based on The Stories of Masnavi onThe Strength of Ego, Death Anxiety and Meaning of life on Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy    M.Sc.    khajeafzali, omolbanin    2015-05-18
24    The Comparison of Masculine and Feminine Love in the Hosein Monzavi,s and Simin Behbehani,s Ghazals Based on the Cognitive Metaphor    M.Sc.    esmail jami, malihe    2015-06-07
25    The influence of textual and contextual variables in translated poems on Iranian contemporary poetry A case study of prose poem (poems of 80s)    M.Sc.    mortezaei, amirhosein    2015-06-17
26    Discourse analysis of Ahmad Jam’s Onsattaebin    Ph.D    ostovarnamaghi, sayyedmohammad    2016-01-10
27    poetic study of folk poetry fkhorasan razavi including of towns torbatjam.taybad.salehabad.bakharz and khaf    Ph.D    bahrampoor hasan abadi, qolamreza    2016-01-27
28    stydy of evolution of Gajarian itineraries , their role in formation of Persian roman    Ph.D    haghighi, farzam    2016-04-12
29    : study Poetic views Ahmad shamloo and Adonis    M.Sc.    sarbolandi, seyed ebrahim    2016-05-08
30    A Comparative Study of Mystic's Attributes in Attar and Ibn-e- Fariz Poems    M.Sc.    karimian, abdorreza    2016-06-05
31    A sociological analysis of the mythological part of Shahnameh, based on the Bourdieu's theory.    Ph.D    ziaaddini dashtekhki, ali    2016-07-10
32    Existentialism Reception in Iran with a focus on the role of translation    Ph.D    Malekshahi, Marzieh    2016-08-27
33    Investigatation of “dream report” subgenre in qajar era    M.Sc.    yosefiye, zahra    2016-10-23
34    Typology of treatises of anti mysticism in safavid era    Ph.D    abdi, hossein    2016-10-23
35    Study in Literary Centers of Herat In the Timurid Period Based on Critical Editing of Fakhri Heravi’s Latayef-Nameh.    Ph.D    Bidaki, Hadi    2016-10-23
36    the Analysis of the evolution of the Epic of Borzu Based on the comparison of the verse and prose sources    Ph.D    Vaziri Mahboob, seyed Jamal    2016-10-30
37    Representing the cultural body in Children's Poetry with Special Attention to its Identity Function (Case Study: Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young adults)    Ph.D    behmadi moqaddas, najmeh    2016-11-08
38    La représentation du corps dans les oeuvres d’Emile Zola et de Sadegh Tchubak    M.Sc.    Einolahzadeh, Roya    2016-12-03
39    Body reflection in Avesta and Pahavi translated texts    M.Sc.    jafarzade, niloofar    2017-01-26
40    The effect of epitext on Ahmad Shamlou’s poetic images, according to the theory of discourse analysis    Ph.D    SAADATSHOA, MORADALI    2017-02-12
41    Typology of Women’s Writings in Press during the Constitutional Movement and Pahlavi I in Iran    Ph.D    TABATABAEI VAEZ, BOSHRA SADAT    2017-02-19
42    “The transformation path of Mokhtar s narratives from historic sources to epic poetries” (Mokhtar Nameh)    Ph.D    Rastegar, Roya    2017-03-14
43    A Research on Adib pishawary`s life and Works with focusing on Masnavi Qysar nameh    Ph.D    kazemian moghadam, safa    2017-03-14
44    Research about the Sufi sects in Iraq sins it`s inception till today.    Ph.D    Al-Bayati, Mohammed Essa Kadhim    2017-04-23
45    The tendency study of contemporary classical poets to conversation and woqoo style    Ph.D    kargar, shahram    2017-06-11
46    Correction of The Majalis al-ushshaq (The Assemblies of Lovers) and Study about it.    Ph.D    YEILAGHI, MEHDI    2017-06-18
47    Genealogy epistle in the Qajar period    Ph.D    momeni, sorayya    2017-10-09
48    Studying the Literary community of Mashhad in Ibrahim Mirza Safavi's Era    M.Sc.    Shafagh, Homa    2018-03-04
49    The representation of women in the persian    Ph.D    hossein zaveh, bibi fahimeh    2018-04-08
50    Versifide interpretations of Quran as a literary subgenre    Ph.D    Mohammadi, Mohammad    2018-04-22