Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    The General Farsi Language    B.Sc.
2    Cl. Poetry -IV Hadiqa of Sanaee    B.Sc.
3    Modern Persian -II Prose    B.Sc.
4    Cl. Poetry -V Saeb_e_Tabrizi    B.Sc.
5    Cl. Prose -III Kalile va Demne -I    B.Sc.
6    Cl. Prose -V Ayn_ol_Qozat    B.Sc.
7    Cl. Poetry -IV Mathnavi of Maulavi -II    B.Sc.
8    Cl. Poetry -IV Hadiqa of Sanaee    B.Sc.
9    Modern Persian -I Poetry    B.Sc.
10    Cl. Poetry -V Saeb_e_Tabrizi    B.Sc.
11    Arabic Grammar -II    B.Sc.
12    Literary Critism    B.Sc.
13    Poetry (IV) part I: Khaqani    B.Sc.
14    The trend of contemporay poetry in iran    B.Sc.
15    The History of Literature -I    B.Sc.
16    The History of Literature -III    B.Sc.
17    Thr History of Persian Literature I (from pre Islamic to the beginning of Salgh    B.Sc.
18    Thr History of Persian Literature II (from the beginning of Salgoghi to mongol    B.Sc.
19    Thr History of Persian Literature III (from Mongol to safavies period )    B.Sc.
20    Thr History of Persian Literature IV(from safavies to Mashrotes period )    B.Sc.
21    The History of Literature -II    B.Sc.
22    Persian language and literature    M.Sc.
23    The Course of Persian Poetry    M.Sc.
24    The compartive history of literature    M.Sc.
25    Comparative literary genres    M.Sc.
26    Seminar    M.Sc.
27    Classic Poetry -II Naser_e_Khosrow and Sanayi    M.Sc.
28    Comparative Study of Literary Genres    M.Sc.
29    Persian Literature -I    Ph.D
30    Persian Literature -II    Ph.D
31    Research in the evolution of persian Language    Ph.D